How long does it take to receive a 941 refund?

The quickest option is to file your return online and receive your refund via direct deposit. The 941 forms filed electronically had an IRS processing time of one month. Original forms 941 filed on paper are generally processed within 3 to 4 months. If your Form 941 request that you originally filed hasn't been reimbursed, it's time to contact the IRS or ask a professional to review Form 941 for potential errors in your request.

If you filed your tax return on paper, it may take 6 months or more to process your tax return. For details on the service delay, see Operations Status. Many companies have already received the refund of the employee retention tax credit by using the instant tax credit offered by the IRS through the PayNortheast payroll service. Currently, the IRS has hundreds of thousands of amended Form 941 applications pending as a result of the employee retention tax credit.

We can help you calculate credits, file 941-X to apply for employee retention credits, review pre-calculated credits, determine requirements for credits, assist with IRS audits to 941-X, and help you with letters from the IRS to help resolve delays in your credits. All eligible PayNortheast payroll customers received their refunds from the IRS employee retention tax credit several weeks after the end of each quarter, giving them a clear advantage over companies that were still waiting for their refund.

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